Actor Robin Padilla says Bureau of Immigration prevented him from leaving PH, department says no hold order

Filipino Actor Robin Padilla was recently stopped from leaving the country, preventing him from attending an event in China, the actor claimed in an Instagram post Sunday.

Isa na namang dagok ang bumalot sa isang makasaysayang ganap na makapagbibigay sana ng mas kamulatan sa aking pag aaral ng kasaysayan ng Inangbayan bago dumating ang mga mananakop na mga puti mula sa europa. Akoy pinalad na maimbita ng mahal na prinsesa ng sultanate of sulu para tumungo sa china at masaksihan ang magaganap na pagdiriwang ng napakatandang relasyon ng malakas na bansang Tsino/China at ng Sultanate of Sulu… sa hindi maipaliwang na pangyayari ay hindi ako makakaalis ng bansa dahil ako ay may hold order sa bureau of immigration. Napakagulo ng naganap na ito spagkat noong akoy conditional pardon lamang kailanman ay hindi ako nagkaroon ng suliranin sa pag alis ng Inangbayan pero ngaun na Absolute pardon na ako ay ngayon pa ako nabiyayaan ng hold order ng BI. Wala naman ako bagong Kaso sa kahit saan na korte, wala akong makitang dahilan maliban sa TATTOO ko na dragon…baka pati ako ay TRIAD na rin.. naku po naman baka ipatawag pa ako ng senado abay hindi ko kayo tatanggihan game ako dyan ….nakapanghihina naman po ang binabayaran kong malaking tax kung palagi akong kasama sa usual suspect. Binigyan na po ako ng isang pagkakataon ng Pangulo Rodrigo Duterte sana po ay pati ang mga nasa ilalim na sangay ng gobyerno ay bigyan din ako ng pagkakataon. Matanda na rin po ako ang mga ganitong legal stress ay damage na po ang binibigay hindi na po thrill… sumaatin nawa ang kapayapaan Ameen..

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He explained in his caption that he was invited by the princess of the sultanate of Sulu to attend a celebration of the sultanate’s historic relations with China.

“In some unexplained events, I was not allowed to leave the country because I have a hold order from the bureau of immigration,” Padilla said.

In 1994, the actor was convicted of illegal possession of firearms but was released three years later after being given a conditional pardon by then-Philippine President Fidel Ramos.

Last November, President Rodrigo Duterte granted Padilla, who had supported his campaign for the presidency, an absolute pardon.

In his Instagram post, the actor said that he had previously been able to leave the country even when he was only under conditional pardon. He then suggested that a possible reason for the hold order is his dragon tattoo.

“I don’t have any new cases in court, I don’t see any reason other than my dragon tattoo… maybe they think I too am part of a triad,” Padilla said.

He was referring to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s line of questioning during last week’s senate probe of presidential son and Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

During the trial, Trillanes insinuated that Paolo had a dragon tattoo on his back, supposedly signaling that he is part of a triad.

Yesterday, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) said that they did not issue a hold departure order on Padilla. reported that according to BI spokesperson Maria Antonette Mangrobang, all hold departure orders against Padilla were lifted on Aug. 3, 1993 and Jul. 25, 1995.

She added that there are no records showing that Padilla went through immigration in the past seven days.

In an Instagram photo posted today, Padilla said: “I’m not insisting that I be considered a new person because I am a proud ex-convict.”

Hindi ko ipinagpipilitan na kilalanin ako bilang bagong tao dahil i am a PROUD EX CONVICT !! God is my witness i paid my dues and sins against the state and the people if i had any. I did my time inside the prisons and became an asset of the bureau and I brought change inside the wall and that is a fact! so you can throw all the shit on me whatever you can think of i will not retaliate because the truth is my witness i do not need any PR firm to defend me. There is only one truth and reality that every filipino should put inside his thick skull, every criminal has a story some are pure evil and many are victims of injustices and poverty. All of these crimes committed has a root ….so stop preying on us.. we do not have nothing anymore except our families… the real enemies of the state are the politicians…. the people we are paying through our tax to protect us especially the weak and to control the strong not the other way around. War on drugs has reach its peak and already killed many pushers and dealers but it did not in any way help address the curse of poverty… If we really want to go forward dearest countrymen and save the motherland let us push for a revolutionary government and its time for the people to declare WAR against CORRUPTION…

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