This week in Filipino food aberrations: milk tea shop sells fries topped with boba pearls

Fries topped with milk tea pearls, dubbed as ‘The Triple Treat’. <I>Photo: Pearl Fajardo / FB</I>
Fries topped with milk tea pearls, dubbed as ‘The Triple Treat’. Photo: Pearl Fajardo / FB

There are two types of gut reaction (pun intended) we generally have when it comes to F&B news of this particular nature: “Huh, we’d try that,” or “Nope, not a chance in hell.” Well, frankly, the jury’s still out on this over-the-top-yet-gastronomically-confused snack-dessert combo out of a tea shop in Sampaloc, Manila.

The café Pearl Fajardo has taken a heap of fries and topped it with a rubbery avalanche of tapioca boba pearls for an offering they’re calling “The Triple Treat.”

Several questions immediately come to mind, including, how, why, and how much — but there’s plenty here to baffle casual observers. For one thing, we get that there are french fries, and boba pearls, but what exactly makes it a “triple” treat?

The store doesn’t have a listed business number, so Coconuts Manila reached out to Pearl Fajardo on Facebook this morning, but they have yet to reply.

But the befuddlement hasn’t stopped the post from garnering a huge amount of attention online. Since it was first shared on Thursday, it has earned more than 4,000 likes, 3,000 comments, and almost 10,000 shares.

Facebook commenters, meanwhile, seemed understandably divided as to whether the loved or hated the bold experiment, with netizen Denise Concha gamely asking, “Is this real? Cause if not imma make it real.”

Photo: Pearl Fajardo / FB

Miki Cayaban, meanwhile, summed up what pretty much everyone was thinking: “I like sago [pearls] and fries, but I don’t think they match together. Hahaha. What does that taste like[?]”

In the mood for mystery? Brave enough for a food adventure? Then by all means, head to Pearl Fajardo and see what’s up with this bad boy — and leave us a comment or tweet us at @CoconutsManila when you do.

Find it:
The Pearl Fajardo is at 1666 J Fajardo St. Sampaloc, Manila
Open Monday – Sunday, 11am – 11pm
FB: @ThePearlFajardo

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