Secrets of the city: A revolving restaurant in Libis, Quezon city

The newly opened MDC building on C-5 Libis is the tallest building in the area standing at 33 floors. It’s hard to miss, especially when crawling through the horrendous C-5 traffic; it has a wall clock on its façade reminding everyone they’re late.

OUR SECRET: Did you know that on its topmost floor is a restaurant that revolves 360 degrees? In July, Chef Jessie Sinsioco’s quietly opened the 100 Revolving Restaurant. It is its outer edge (look for the carpeted area) that rotates, providing views of the C-5 traffic, Marikina valley, and the Ortigas skyline. When you turn inward, you also get to see the huge and impressively clean kitchen where you see the chefs whipping up the magic. The revolution, which takes two hours, could get confusing, especially for the staff, so they resulted in numbering the tables just to get the logistics in order. The restaurant seats 300 people but it doesn’t feel so; half the time, you’re elsewhere in the restaurant!

 Dining out and around: Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant

100 Revolving Restaurant 33rd floor, MDC 100 Building, C5 cover Eastwood Drive, Quezon City; +63 2 9621016; Daily 11am-11pm.

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