Mimi & Bros: Taguig’s new resto-bar is an homage to partying with family

Mimi & Bros wants to invite you to their party with ribs, fried chicken, chops, and a whole lotta drinks. PHOTOS: Ching Dee

Back in the day, there was this neighborhood in the heart of Pasig City, Metro Manila, where house parties were epic. Legend has it that the Kawilihan Village community threw parties so well-attended that they are still talked about to this day.

One of the families behind these legendary house parties is the Tan Family.

Fast forward to 2018, Dr. Eric Tan — together with his wife, Chiqui, his brothers, and his sister Mica — decided to invite the entire metro to a party that never ends. So they opened Mimi & Bros in April 2018.

Mimi is their sister Mica and the concept behind the restaurant-bar is to serve as a nod towards their partying heydays and to keep the party going, but this time in the central business district of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

“Doc Eric and his family used to be the party starters in Kawilihan during their time,” head chef Edward Bugia shared with Coconuts Manila. “They wanted to recreate that vibe, because now their youngest sister (Mica) have lost the opportunity to party with her brothers.”

Mica, one of the youngest CEOs in the metro at the age of 25, was busy with schoolwork when her brothers were throwing parties at home. So Eric decided they wanted a venue where Mica can finally party with her brothers and the rest of the metro.

The ‘happy’ marquee over the bar is literally a sign of good things to come.

Talking about the menu, Chef Ed said the decision came easy for him.

“It was so simple for me… Let’s keep the food so simple. This is going to be our tagline: Chicken, Ribs, Chops, Drinks. That’s it. Make ’em really good and we’ll be fine,” he explained.

While the menu seems less extensive compared to other restaurants, Chef Ed said it took them months to research to develop the menu. The menu is not boxed into a specific cuisine, but it reflects the family’s favorites: comfort food at its best. The options may not be a lot, but their flavors are definitely not simplistic.

Mimi’s Fried Chicken is delightfully crisp yet juicy. Every bite is a multi-sensory experience: it smells divine, it tastes great, and it looks so daaaaaamn fine. I asked Chef Edward Bugia how they made it so crispy and light, he said it took them months to perfect their recipe. I say it’s worth the wait!

Pro-Tip: Make sure to get their Corn Pudding for one of the sides (or all for all three portions). It’s this unbelievable combination of sweet corn and cream and cheese and all its savory goodness.

A full slab of their BBQ Pork Ribs comes with three sides and a whole lot of deliciousness. It is tender, flavorful, and to be honest, quite a steal for P1,195.

This “thicc” and juicy Pork Chop is encrusted in crunchy chicharon (deep-fried pork skin crackling) and served over a bed of seasoned rice and a side of stewed apples. A comfort food classic indeed. Never say no to pork-on-pork.

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For dessert, make sure to get a serving (or two) of Manila Creamery‘s Malted Milk ice cream. It is, quite honestly, like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. It was milky and creamy and sweet and smooth. I’m afraid it has ruined all the other ice creams for me. It’s not too sweet, which amps up the refreshment factor especially in this summer heat.

If you’re not into sweets but want to wet your whistle, try their Gin Basil Smash. Perfect for hot summer afternoons.

Next time you find yourself in BGC, make sure to join the party and drop by Mimi & Bros.

Mimi & Bros | Crossroads, 32nd St, BGC, Taguig | Daily, 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM | (02) 846 9822 | Facebook | Instagram

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