McDonald’s now offers Milk Tea McFloat in Philippines

McDonald’s Wintermelon milk tea. Photo: Kaka Corral/Coconuts Media
McDonald’s Wintermelon milk tea. Photo: Kaka Corral/Coconuts Media

The milk tea craze just keeps on growing in the Philippines and the latest joint to offer it is none other than fast-food giant McDonald’s.

Their Milk Tea McFloat is now available nationwide in two flavors: Classic and Wintermelon.

McDonald’s first teased Manileños on social media yesterday, with a photo of  two milk tea drinks with vanilla soft-serve ice cream on top.

“This is just a teaser,” the punny poster copy reads.

Photo: McDonald's Philippines/FB
Photo: McDonald’s Philippines/FB

Both the Classic and Wintermelon milk teas are priced at PHP49 (US$0.93) for a regular-sized drink, and PHP65 (US$1.23) for a large-sized drink, which is relatively cheaper than higher-end milk tea brands that sell boba at PHP170 (US$3.23) to PHP220 (US$4.18).

The Milk Tea McFloat does not come with the usual pearls but is topped with vanilla soft-serve, like other McDonald’s floats.

Photo: Kaka Corral/Coconuts Media
Photo: Kaka Corral/Coconuts Media

Coconuts Manila tried the Wintermelon milk tea, which was good with a sweet caramel flavor but lacked the creaminess of drinks from milk tea shops. However, it does hit the spot for those who just want a quick tea fix.

McDonald’s is just the latest chain to offer their own spin on milk tea. In March, Dunkin Donuts released their brown sugar Okinawa milk tea which comes with pearls, priced at PHP100 (US$1.90).

Tim Hortons also recently started offering its own milk tea priced at PHP110 (US$2.09) for small, PHP125 (US$2.37) for medium, and PHP135 (US$2.56) for large. It uses black tea, vanilla-sweetened milk, sugar, and coffee jelly. Diners can get an additional shot of either caramel or hazelnut for PHP20 (US$0.38).


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