Just opened: Sarsa Kitchen + Bar at Bonifacio Global City

Thankfully, Manila’s food scene is showing signs of maturity. While high concept restaurants still abound, restaurants that serve simple and straightforward good fare are coming around, and more importantly, getting noticed. Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, newly opened at Bonifacio Global City, serves good Negrense fare.

At the helm is celebrity chef JP “Chef Jayps” Anglo, born and bred in Bacolod, where he also owns and operates a couple of popular restaurants. For his first foray in the Manila dining scene, the Master Chef Pinoy Edition mainstay harks back to the basics, done fabulously right.

We mean, first, those inasal skewers. UP boasts of great isaw but Sarsa’s (PHP145) will surely give it a run for its money. Thinly sliced chicken intestines, good even without sauce or dressing. The isol (PHP170), meanwhile, is so clean, you won’t get the same ugly umay sensation you often do when eating such. Word of advice: Take it easy on these inasal babies. They will fill you up good, which is fine, except you wouldn’t want to miss out on the entrées.

We agree with Chef Jayps when he said a visit to Sarsa ain’t complete without trying the Sizzling Kansi (PHP335). As in, bulalo in a sizzling plate swimming in batwan seeds gravy. Pair this with garlic rice (PHP40) and you’ll be buzzing with good vibes.

Kudos to the chef for bringing the status and flavor the lowly tortang talong (PHP155) up a notch. Served with crispy sardines, kesong puti, with pinakurat and chili banana ketchup, the Pinoy favorite actually tastes — dare we say— sosyal.

The restaurant is spacious, clean, and will want to make you stay for longer than your lunch hour allows. Now that we’ve mentioned it, that sounds like a good idea.

Sarsa Kitchen+Bar, Unit 1-7, Forum South Global, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig; +63 927 7060773. Mon-Sat 11am-11pm.

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