Internet, you did it: Dunkin’ Donuts now has a Munchkins bucket for your Choco Butternut cravings 

<i>Photo: Rommel Hipolito (@its_mel24)/IG.</i>
Photo: Rommel Hipolito (@its_mel24)/IG.

Thanks to netizens who won’t stop sharing their love for Dunkin’ Donuts’ Choco Butternut with cult-like fervor, the donut chain will now offer a bucket filled with Munchkins to satiate people’s cravings.

Now viral on social media is this photo by netizen Rommel Hipolito (@its_mel24), which shows a bucket filled with the much-loved orange donut in all its glory.

Dunkin’ Donuts has not officially announced the new product yet, but based on its Facebook post yesterday, it looks like they’ll be rolling out the news soon.

Yesterday’s post was a teaser photo showing a closeup shot of Choco Butternut Munchkins accompanied by text that says “How many can you eat?”

Coconuts Manila spoke with Dunkin’ Donuts’ marketing department over the phone to confirm but they said they’re not releasing information about any new products at the moment. So, we went ahead and did some sleuthing.

Hipolito told Coconuts Manila in an Instagram message that he works at Dunkin’ Donuts outlet and confirmed that the buckets do exist.

One bucket will contain 40 Munchkins and will be priced at PHP349 (US$6.83) each. Customers can either get an entire bucket of Choco Butternut or Butternut, or a mix of 10 classic flavors and 30 premium ones.

We also tried ordering from the Dunkin’ Donuts delivery hotline and while they confirmed that there is, indeed, a bucket, the agent we spoke with said that it won’t be available for delivery until Aug. 15.

The Choco Butternut donut is huge in the Philippines. So much so that Dunkin’ Donuts April Fool’s joke about phasing it out went viral earlier this year. Creative recreations of the flavor also regularly trend online, like when everyone went crazy for Choco Butternut loaves earlier this month. One bakery even made a five-tier Choco Butternut wedding cake.

Update: Dunkin’ Donuts got back to us with confirmation on the pricing and said that it is indeed PHP349 (US$6.83).

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