Have you heard of ‘The Filipino Food Movement’ yet?

Just when you thought the Filipino Food trend of 2015 is dead, here comes The Filipino Food Movement.

It’s a San Francisco-based organization that puts Filipino food front and center, getting the rest of the US curious, interested, and salivating on and trying for themselves Pinoy cuisine.

It actually started as a marketing initiative for Ramar Food, a Pittsburg-based company that produces, among other things, lumpia.

It was the founder’s grandson, P.J. Quesada, who thought it out in 2013, when he realized “that conversations that started out about longanisa quickly got personal, for him as well as his interview subjects,” reports Jonathan Kauffman on San Francisco Chronicle.

Quesada met food writer and blogger Joanne Boston, who would ccasionally organizes culinary events and pop-ups like the dinner series KappaMealYa and Savor Filipino.

It was after one of her events that she, Quesada, and their board of directors formally established Filipino Food Movement as a nonprofit. They built a website, set up corresponding social media accounts. But it was on Instagram that blew off the lid.

Apart from having the food porn magic work for them, The Filipino Food Movement had the so-called “Pinoy Pride” work for them. On Instagram, they used an amazing strategy: Repost photos of Pinoy dishes, usually by Filipino citizens. The results were amazing.

It also got people talking — both online and IRL.

SF Chronicle calls the Filipino Food Movement a “social-media power” with quite the influence in real life. “In October, the organization put out a call for cooks to hold Filipino History Month dinners. People they had never heard of contacted them,” the report notes.

Their influence is slowly burning through the US. From San Francisco, Filipino Food Movement is now penciling events in states as far away as New Orleans, Washington D.S. San Diego, and St. Louis.

While Filipino cuisine was deemed the big thing of 2015, the trend is still going strong — and that’s thanks in part to organizations like The Filipino Food Movement. Read the rest of the story here. 

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