Filipino netizens are going nuts over the new Choc Nut spread; Here’s where to find it

Photo: Amarise Sweets/FB
Photo: Amarise Sweets/FB

Prepare to gain a pound or two, Manileños.

A well-known Filipino childhood treat is currently making a comeback in the country’s hearts (and stomachs), thanks to a new sandwich spread that uses Choc Nut as its main ingredient.

For those not familiar with the classic candy, Choc Nut is a small, brick-shaped sweet consisting of roasted peanuts, cocoa powder, and cane sugar. It’s available almost everywhere in the country, from the sari-sari stores (neighborhood sundry stores) to major grocery chains nationwide. It’s affordable, too — sold at around PHP1-5 (US $0.02-$0.10) per piece at sari-sari stores.

It crumbles quite easily once touched, so consumers can eat it whole, or break it into tinier pieces to prolong the experience of eating each block.

The Facebook page of Amarise Sweets, which makes cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other pastries announced on Friday that it will start selling the new Choc Nut spread — which was then met with overwhelmingly positive response.

Pinoy fans of Choc Nut were stoked when they learned about the new spread. Maria Alisa wrote: “I hope you will have more than enough for everyone. ^_^ I can’t wait to grab me a bottle or two.”

Ysa Sofia Robin said it was a “game changer”.

Kurt Fang added: “Why did it take this long??? 🙂 [I] waaant.”

Commenting on Esquire Philippines‘ post about the spread, Ped Xing wrote: “[Take] my damn money.”

Wowel Baltazar also said: “I got to have this.”

Rey Corona bid Nutella goodbye.

For the time being, the spread will only be sold by Amarise Sweets at the upcoming Rockwell Bazaar, called the Spectrum Fair Manila held in Makati City on Dec. 8–9.

Esquire Philippines reported that the Amarise Sweet’s owner is part of the family that owns the nostalgic treat. The Choc Nut spread will cost only PHP70 (US$1.33) per jar. Those who want to stock up can get it at PHP2000 (US$38.02) for 30 jars.

Interaksyon also stated that Amarise Sweets will also produce Choc Nut mousse and cupcakes.

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