Choc Nut ice cream is now a thing and you can get it at The Lost Bread 

The Choc Nut soft serve ice cream on a cone. (Photo: The Lost Bread)
The Choc Nut soft serve ice cream on a cone. (Photo: The Lost Bread)

Choc Nut is a chocolate-peanut candy that most Filipinos grew up eating. They’re a favorite recess snack and are ever-present in children’s party loot bags. Now that there’s an ongoing trend of turning nostalgia-inducing treats into ice cream, it only makes sense that local dessert shop The Lost Bread has launched a soft serve ice cream inspired by it.

“We were really thinking of something Pinoy and nostalgic for our next flavor. Most of our target market are millennials and Gen Z so we knew that Choc Nut was a good flavor choice since both generations grew up eating it,” The Lost Bread’s Vice President for Marketing Patty Marabut told Coconuts Manila.

She described the dessert as a milkier version of Choc Nut, which itself tastes like peanut butter with subtle hints of cocoa. Since they incorporate the actual Choc Nut candy in their soft serve mix, Marabut said diners can expect to find chunks of the candy in their ice cream. The flavor was even created in collaboration with Choc Nut’s owners.

The Choc Nut soft serve ice cream in a cup. (Photo: The Lost Bread)
The Choc Nut soft serve ice cream in a cup. (Photo: The Lost Bread)

The Choc Nut soft serve will be available in all The Lost Bread branches by the end of the month or in early June. It can be served in a cup or on a chocolate cookie cone. They can also be topped with crushed treats like graham crackers, Oreos, milk and white chocolate chip cookies, or a vegan dark chocolate peanut butter granola, among others.

Choc Nut is just the latest childhood snack to be turned into an ice cream here in Manila. In March, Black Scoop Cafe released its own version of the White Rabbit ice cream after Los Angeles ice cream shop Wanderlust Creamery’s innovation went viral online. Black Scoop also created a Yakult soft serve later that month.

Find The Lost Bread branches here.

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