Why chicken lovers (and more) flock to Señor Pollo

The best chicken in the metro? PHOTO: Leovic Arceta

Señor Pollo Famous Latin Chicken is another gastronomic creation by Dixie Mabanta of Café Mediterranean and El Chupacabra fame, but his son Jaco takes care of the operations.

Opened in May 2015, their first branch in Tomas Morato, Quezon City was so well received that they decided to open another branch in Poblacion, Makati City just six months later. By late 2016, they opened another branch at Alabang Town Center, and just a few weeks ago, they opened their fourth branch in Eastwood City.

“It feels like we expanded a little too quickly,” Jaco said, “But the community’s response has been very good.”

This shot was taken just a few minutes before their Makati branch was filled with hungry pollo lovers. PHOTO: Leovic Arceta

The father and son duo love bold flavours and it shows in their menu. However, they decided to keep the menu simple—making sure each dish is in its best possible form.

“We want to keep it simple, and we want to make sure all our dishes are top quality,” Jaco explained. “But it’s still a process of trial and error. When we introduce something new to the menu, we give some time to try it out. If the customers like it, it stays. If it doesn’t work, we take it off the menu.”

At Señor Pollo, chicken is king and its crown is explosive flavour. Here are some of their bestsellers:

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Señor Pollo Roasted or Fried Chicken
Here at Señor Pollo, you can have chicken two ways: roasted or crispy fried, and a really fiery hot and spicy fried version as well. Whichever way you choose, it will be cooked to perfection—its skin the perfect golden brown, its meat infused with tons of taste. And as if a gorgeous platter of chicken isn’t enough, each order is served with three homemade sauces: Garlic, Homemade hot sauce, and Chimichurri. The roasted chicken is a personal fave.

Señor Pollo Grilled Chicken Wrap
A brand new addition to the menu: a flour tortilla is filled with chargrilled chicken chunks with the edges crisped, some veggies, homemade pickles, secret sauce, and is then grilled on a plancha, or a flat-top griddle in Spanish.  The owners love this sandwich–which comes with fries– and boldly claim it’s the best wrap in town.

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Crispy Chicken Sisig
Filipinos love sisig with an intense passion, and even foreigners can’t resist its delectable charm. At Señor Pollo, sisig means chopped, perfectly spiced chicken meat served either on a sizzling plate or on top of rice. Either way, the bold seasonings go really well with an icy beer.

Senor Pollo is open daily in four locations, check out their Facebook page for more info. IG: @senorpolloph

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