Where to buy Noche Buena food if you don’t feel like cooking

Admit it, Noche Buena (Christmas Dinner) isn’t the easiest thing to prepare. It can get really tiring if you’re the only one assigned to buy the queso de bola and pan de sal (cheese and bread), make the pancit (noodles), and roast the chicken.

If you’re just not up to doing all that this year, or simply need some last minute additions to the menu, why not buy the dishes instead?

Below, you’ll find places that have Noche Buena-ready food items that are just as good, if not better, than your family favorites.


Photo from Calderon Facebook page.

Calderon, one of the best Spanish restaurants in the city, offers their menu favorites in party trays of various sizes. If there’s one thing you should order, it’s their paella negra, a rich and filling dish that will please everyone in your party. The chorizo sisig and pollo iberico are also worth getting.


Paella negra

PHP780 (US$15.6) for 4-6 servings

PHP1,500 (US$30) for 8-10 servings

PHP2,680 (US$53.6) for 25 servings

Chorizo sisig, PHP1,080 ($US21.6)

Pollo Iberico, PHP2,000 (US$40) — make sure to order this one day ahead

Contact here.

Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant

Photo from Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant Facebook page.

Although known mostly for their cakes, Conti’s actually has a lot of good options for family parties. Try staples like the pork belly, and chicken relleno, or go for something different like the baked salmon and crab salad.

The best part is, you can order all that online through their website. The delivery fee would depend on your order and the delivery destination.


Pork belly, PHP1,395 (US$27.9)

Chicken relleno, PHP1,295.00 (US$25.9)

Baked salmon

PHP1,525 (US$30.5), Family size

PHP2,285 (US$45.7), Party size

Crab salad, PHP395 (US$7.9)

Order here.


Photo from Aperitif Facebook page.

Filipino Christmases are all about queso de bola, but if you want to up your cheese game but get overwhelmed with all deli choices, call Aperitif.

They create grazing boards with a variety of cheeses, fruits, and charcuterie that aren’t just delicioys but also very instagrammable. The price depends on how big your order is, so contact them through their Facebook page for more details.

This is best for special Noche Buenas where you want to dress up a bit or family reunions that usually happen around this time of year.

Contact here.

Paper Moon

Photo from Paper Moon website.

Dinner won’t be complete without dessert and for Christmas dinner, cakes are the usual go to. For a twist on the classic Ube Cake, try one from Paper Moon.

Paper Moon, famous for their creamy-but-delicate mille crepe cakes, has an ube (purple yam) variety that’s not too sweet but has added richness from everyone’s favorite purple dessert.

Other flavors include matcha, mango, and blueberry cheesecake.

Prices: All flavors, PHP2,000 (US$40) for a whole cake

Contact here.


Photo from Boozy.ph Facebook page.

It’s not just preparing food that you can get out of your hands. If you feel like your uncles will get through the alcohol you bought to quickly, just call Boozy.ph.

It delivers liquor right to your doorstep in 90 minutes or less and accepts Cash on Delivery or PayPal payments. Just make sure to order from 1pm tp 10pm on Mondays and from 3pm to 12mn on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

They even have a special discount for the holidays! 5% off on a minimum order of PHP15,000 (US$300) and 10% off on a minimum order of PHP30,000 (US$600).

Order here.

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