Black Scoop Cafe opens in Quezon City with build-your-own-dessert options

Photo: Black Scoop Cafe Facebook page.
Photo: Black Scoop Cafe Facebook page.

Maginhawa Street at Teachers’ Village in Quezon City has a much-deserved rep for being one of the best places to eat in the metropolis. And, the busy road has just welcomed a new dining spot: Black Scoop Cafe, which opened late last month.

Owned by Louie Sy, the same entrepreneur behind Infinitea Milktea, the cafe occupies a 200-square meter space in Maginhawa.

The dining outlet, which can seat as many as 200 people, has been busy since it opened, according to its F&B consultant Diane Pua. Apparently, it’s had long lines of customers since its official launch, with most people dropping by in the afternoon or evening.

Said Pua: “We wanted to move on from offering milk tea [which Infinitea offers]. [We thought] why not try a milk tea-flavored ice cream? We haven’t seen other stores do it.”

Pua tells Coconuts Manila that research and development were important to the team, which is why it took them half a year just to develop ice creams at their desired consistency.

Maginhawa was chosen as the location of their first cafe because of the crowds it typically attracts. “[There], people are willing to try a new concept,” said Pua.

How customers build their desserts is somewhat similar to that of frozen yogurt stalls. Customers are given plain ice cream priced at PHP80 (US$1.51), then “build” their deserts by adding more flavors and toppings, such as their milk tea or the dark-hued Mascarpone made with activated charcoal.

People in need of a caffeine jolt could also try the coffee drinks the place offers such as Brown Sugar Latte and Cappuccino, both of which cost PHP110 (US$2.075).

According to Pua, their bestsellers so far are the drinks belonging to their Cream Cheese Collection, with flavors such as green tea, cocoa, and matcha. Priced from PHP90 – PHP100 (USD$1.69 – USD$1.88),  they come with brown sugar sprinkled on top, which is then torched for caramelization.

The cafe itself — outfitted with brown wooden tables, brick walls, patterned tile flooring, and strategically placed industrial chic lamps — makes for a comfy gathering place for friends and family. It also has an open space for customers who do not like getting cooped up in air-conditioned rooms.

If you ever got to try one of their treats, share your thoughts by tweeting to @CoconutsManila.


Black Scoop Cafe
101 Maginhawa Street
Teachers’ Village, Quezon City

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