American pizza chain Little Caesars is making a comeback in the Philippines next year

Photo: Little Caesar Philippines/FB

This one goes out to all the ’90s kids: Pizza! Pizza!

Filipino foodies who remember — and love — Little Caesars, the American fast food chain perhaps best known for the most uncreative yet bafflingly effective tagline in the history of advertising, are in for a treat: It’s making a comeback in our country next year.

Little Caesars Philippines’ official Facebook page first teased this return yesterday when it posted that people will soon be able to “smell and taste the goodness of our pizzas in store!”

The brand’s local Facebook page, which now has over 4 million likes despite being relatively new, also says that the first branch will be located in the Metrosquare Building in Ermita, Manila. According to Rappler, it will open in January 2019.

Little Caesars was popular in the Philippines in the ’90s. However, it slowly disappeared when other global pizza brands gained prominence, ABS-CBN News reported.

Little Caesars Philippines first revealed its comeback to the public last Monday with a Facebook post that says “coming soon.”

The post has received over 1,900 likes and 2,000 shares as of this article’s posting.

Netizens were ecstatic to hear the news:

J.k. Sese wrote: “And we’re ready to welcome y’all back.”

Photo: Little Caesar Philippines/FB
Photo: Little Caesar Philippines/FB

Joaquin Sebastian Dinglasan tagged friends and said: “[One] of the best places to get pizza in the US is now here!”

Photo: Little Caesar Philippines/FB
Photo: Little Caesar Philippines/FB

Sherwood Uy tagged a friend and said: “Remember this? We were talking about this 10 years ago in Bataan before we went to sleep and we wanted it to come back. Well, here it is! I miss the spaghetti and pizza!”

Photo: Little Caesar Philippines/FB
Photo: Little Caesar Philippines/FB

Little Caesars has stores all over the United States, as well as outlets in 20 countries worldwide.

What’re y’all excited to try when it comes back to Manila next year? Leave a comment below or tweet us @CoconutsManila.

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