All things cute and yummy at the Bunny Baker

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — Thanks to social media and the unbelievable reach of the Interwebz, we live in an age where food’s visual component cannot be ignored. It’s nearly every millennial’s habit to Instagram a meal before taking a bite. So when artists Zach and Ailia Yonzon built a restaurant focused on creating cute things, they hit the jackpot.

What’s so photo-worthy about the Bunny Baker anyway? 

Everything — from their cute cafe interiors to their artistic food presentations and their famed cake creations.

The Bunny Baker added a dose of life and color to the otherwise very plain Hemady building. With bunny ear chairs and dreamy pastel interiors, this cafe/cake gallery lives up to its hashtag #cutestcafe. 

Don’t be fooled, though, the restaurant is designed to give diners a comfortable experience. With good seats, free wifi, several electrical outlets, a bar which serves as a study area and an open studio showing cake artists in action, what more could you ask for? Oh they have pretty long hours, operating from 7am to 12mn.

Before we look at their cakes and desserts, let’s have a quick look at their savory meals. 

For appetizers, two words: Spam fries (PHP 235). This deep fried goodness covered in panko is sinful and very filling. We suggest that you enjoy the calories with a hungry companion. If you’re with a big group, go for the starter sampler (PHP 275), which includes dynamita and chicken skin in addition to the Spam fries.



For mains, they serve familiar comfort food. Those with a penchant for all-day breakfast meals can enjoy Filipino plates like beef tapa (PHP295) and crispy adobo flakes (PHP255). 

My personal favorite is their truffle cream cheese burger with brioche bun (PHP320). It is big and messy, just as jow most burgers are. They don’t scrimp on the cream cheese and the taste of truffle was subtle enough to blend with the other flavors.

Now on to dessert. 

This place offers gelato, cupcakes and skillet specialties. Quite a selection there, so there’s a bit of something for everyone. 

The surprising star of the three is their homemade artisanal gelato, or as they put it, “bunny-lato” (PHP110). It’s the first thing you’ll see when you enter their restaurant. They’re dense, thick and flavorful. Though none of their flavors is super shocking, they’re interesting enough to make you curious. Serenitea’s Okinawa, salted caramel and Kahlua are our top picks. 



I’d go for their cakes if I want something nice to look at, but for taste, their cupcakes win. Their version of this trendy dessert is tasty and moist. They also have eye-catching designs which is a teaser of just how artistic their cakes are. Being a huge fan of green tea, I recommend the Gotcha Matcha (PHP85). 

They also have skillet desserts on the menu. The most popular is the Ooey Gooey (PHP285), their version of a lava cake served on a skilllet with a scoop of their homemade ice cream.



Now it’s time to talk abour what put them on the food map, their cakes. 



The world took notice when they created a life-sized Manny Pacquiao cake to commemorate Pacman’s bout with Floyd Mayweather. 

The 167-centimeter, (66-inch) chocolate cake was served to their friends and guests on Pacquiao’s fight day last year. “Manny Pacquiao is world class, so we wanted to do something equally world class and the only way to do that is to create a cake that was extraordinary,” Yonzon told ESPN.

There are no actual cakes on display inside their physical store. The ones there are just for show. Each of their cakes is a work of art. They’re made to order based on the customer’s specifications. 

We ordered a birthday cake for a children’s party. When we talked to the husband and wife team to place our orders, we felt like we were being interviewed on a baking show. They were very professional and it was easy to tell that they knew what they were doing. 

We asked for a Little Endless cake, and being a Neil Gaiman fan himself, Zach got excited to do the art for us. Our cake was very detailed. It made a good centerpiece for a children’s party dessert buffet. 

Priced at PHP8,000, some might think that our cake is pricey. We think, however, that we paid for skill, creativity and convenience. 

Yes, the Bunny Baker is a cute restaurant but it only works because they back it up with good food, beautifully-made cakes and professional service. In a world where we take photos of food, looks are important, but they are not everything. 

You should go treat yourself to a cute meal at the Bunny baker. Don’t forget to bring your camera. 

Unit 301, Hemady Square, Doña Hemady cor. E. Rodriguez Sr. Quezon City; +02 6504153, Facebook. Daily, 7am-12mn

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