4 super tasty meat products available in Metro Manila you’ll want to take home asap!

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Meat has been getting a lot of bad rap these days, and we’d like to right that wrong.

When done right, meat can be good for you — hello, protein! What’s done right, you may ask? Practicing moderation and choosing well.

The second point, we have a lot to say about. Because choosing well doesn’t have to mean choosing the bland, the boring or the tasteless.

Check out these four meat products available in Metro Manila that’s full of flavor, with great bite, providing an all-around satisfying experience.

1. Smoked meat products from Down to Earth

Down To Earth’s cured and smoked meats are prepared traditionally, in a smokehouse of bricks using mango wood, enhancing and bringing out the flavor of the meat. Unlike the usual commercial, grocery-type products, they are not merely covered in flavorings, sauces, or mixes nor are they prepared with a mix of additives like carrageenan and preservatives like nitrites.

Down to Earth uses meat from Philippine native Southern Yellow cow breed and the black heritage pig, both of which have been in the country since pre-colonial times. They are raised in the family farm in Bukidnon. The beef is grass-fed from start to finish; the pork is free-range. The animals feed mostly on local feed sources like local grass, root crops, and coconut cake that is a byproduct from making VCO. This results in meat that is high in omega 3 fatty acids that is leaner and tastier.

Price Points: Beef jerky P200; Ham Hocks PHP250; Slab Bacon PHP800; Smoked Pork Loin PHP150; Longganisa Hamonado PHP450.

Get it: +63922 8165147, +63 2 8140854. Email: order@downtoearth.ph. Website

2. Chili Asylum’s Corned Beef Chili

It’s chili made from scratch! Chili Asylum’s corned beef chili goes through a 10-day cooking process, beginning with curing of the meat that the owner, Isi Laureano, personally purchases from her trusted suppliers at the farmer’s market.

On the 10th day, the beef is cooked for hours until it is fork-tender. The chili itself uses a secret chili spice mix, mostly sourced from Laureano’s own vegetable and spice garden. Homemade and handmade, Chili Asylum’s corned beef chili is a mainstay at many food fairs and can be purchased freshly cooked or frozen. It’s a versatile dish—atop rice, to make sloppy joes, or to use in pasta, like Laureano’s take on chili lasagna.

Price point: PHP800 per order (800g).

Get it: Text +63919 8181220. Facebook 

3. Artisanal sausages from The Butchery

Sausages tend to be vilified — you know, mystery meat and all that. The key is finding the good kind: those made from organic meat sans preservatives, fillers, and extenders.

The Butchery’s sausages come from animals that are organically raised (as in no chemical or artificial feeds and no antibiotics) and fed with all-natural food. The result is meat that is leaner and more nutritious than the usual grocery find.

The sausages themselves only use 15-25% fat; compare that to the usual 40-60% available commercially.

The Butchery has 10 flavors, which are all great, depending on your mood and craving. You can try the Sampler Pack that has 7 of the original sausage flavors, but really you can’t go wrong with Caramelized Onion & Mozzarella (PHP1.31/gram).

Price points: Mint & Tarragon (PHP1.08/gram); Red Wine & Rosemary (PHP1.17/gram); Parmesan & Parsley (PHP1.40/gram); Saffron (PHP1.23/gram); Jalapeno (PHP1.35/gram); Buffalo & Celery (PHP1.32/gram); ; Chicken Kashmiri Masala (PHP1.3/gram); Classic Fennel (PHP1.05/gram); and Longganito (PHP290/pack).

Get it: +63917 7955005. Email: order@thebutcherysausage.com. Website 

4. Steaks and burgers from Cao’s Steaks

The beef from Cao’s Steaks come from two sources: American USDA meat and imported cattle from Australia. The cows are fed natural food, like corn, avoiding chemically-laden feeds. This makes the meat taste “cleaner”. Cao’s is known for their aged and seasoned Australian rib-eye steaks and their Wagyu burger patties. For steak lovers who love their marbling, Cao’s Steaks’ customers assert that it isn’t necessary — the meat is tender and juicy, minus the fattiness.

Price points: Australian Ribeye PHP695/kilo (3-4 pieces); Wagyu Burger Patties PHP900/6 patties; USDA Tenderloin PHP,1480/kilo; USDA Prime Rib PHP1,300/kilo.

Get it: +63917 8933712, +63 24342591. Facebook 

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