This guy adds color to black and white photos from Philippine history

“Two girls carrying dolls, Manila, Philippines, circa 1930”. Image source: John Tewell. Colorized by ES Sison.

Ever imagined how historic black and white photos would look like if they were colored?
Kinulayang Kasaysayan, a page on Facebook, literally gives color to old photographs taken in the Philippines from 1890 to 1945. 

“These photos are from websites or other Facebook pages that have history as their theme. I also use photos by John Tewell and from the archives of University of Michigan and University of Chicago,” 53-year-old ES Sison tells Coconuts Manila
Sison himself used to be an admin for a Facebook page about Philippine history, until he striked out on his own in September and created his own page. He has been coloring old pictures for two years and considers this activity a hobby when he’s at home or free at work.

“I like it because there’s somehow an advocacy,” he says. Depending on how detailed it is, coloring a picture could take two hours or three days. 

“Americans, Chinese and Filipinos, 1900-1902”. Source: University of Michigan Library @ John Tewell. Colorized by ES Sison.

“Street Musician in Manila and His Audience, 1901”. Photo by Edward Barnard. Source: Pearl of the Orient: Discover Old Philippines page. Colorized by ES Sison. 

“A Philippine Belle, Manila, Philippine Islands, 1899”. Keystone-Mast Collection. Colorized by ES Sison.

“Hotel de Oriente with its tropical Spanish arcade. Manila, Philippines, late 19th or 20th century”. Image source: John Tewell. Colorized by ES Sison.

“Group of young Filipino children, possibly Iloilo City, Philippines, August 1905”. Photographer: Burr McIntosh. The Smithsonian’s Museum of Asian Art @ John Tewell. Colorized by ES Sison.




“A corner in pork, Filipino financers were pulling in a stock market, Pasig, Philippine Islands” [Date not indicated]. Keystone: Mast Collection. Colorized by ES Sison.

“School girls in native dress – upper garment is made of hemp gauge, Manila, Philippines, early 20th century”.  Image source H.C. White Company @ John Tewell. Colorized by ES Sison.

“Rosario Street and Binondo Church from the Pasig River, Manila, Philippine Islands, Early 20th Century”. Image source: Underwood & Underwood @ John Tewell. Colorized by ES Sison.

“Fruit Sellers Of Tondo, P.I.” [Date not indicated] Probably early 1900. Keystone-Mast Collection. Colorized by ES Sison.

Photos: Kinulayang Kasaysayan



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