6 delicious things to eat in Sagada aside from your feelings

Sagada will always be there for all the hugot you want to make or that certain thing called tandaha you want to find. But do you know what else you can find in Sagada? Great food! Loosen those belts. Your tummy will thank you for it.


1. Pinikpikan


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A trip to Sagada won’t be complete without tasting their local dishes. Without a doubt, Pinikpikan is on top of the list. Back when they still used smaller native chicken, it’s called “killing-me-softly chicken” because of the slow — and painful — way of preparing the chicken. But today, the chickens available in the market are more plump and meatier, so there’s no need for the old method.

Pinikpikan is so simple yet comforting. The chicken is cooked with pieces of etag (salt-cured smoked pork, think of it as Sagada’s bacon cubes) with ginger and other local herbs. Locals insist that the simpler the recipe, the better. The warm and hearty soup is perfect for the cold Sagada weather. 

Pro-tip: A sunset trip to Lake Danum usually include a pinikpikan dinner cooked on the spot. Ask a local guide about their tour packages, but during off peak season, it’s about PHP1,800 for a group of 1-10 persons.


2. Etag


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Etag is a delicacy by itself and is great for breakfast. Here we have “etagsilog” (etag with sinangag and itlog) from Saint Joseph’s Restaurant.


3. Pinit


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Thriving in the highlands, “Pinit: (“sampinit” in lowlands) is a red berry that tastes like a cross between strawberry and raspberry. They call it “wild strawberry” (since most people in Sagada are fluent in English) and you can find it along the trails of Marlboro Mountain and Mount Kiltepan. 

Pro-tip: Take some home and eat it with condensed milk (I wish we did this).


4. Trio Formaggi Pizza


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Misty Lodge & Cafe is about 10-15 minutes away from the town on foot (five minutes by car), but it’s definitely worth the detour. Now, this isn’t really a native dish, but believe me when I say that this is unlike any three cheese pizza you’ve had before.

We’re not exactly sure what are the three cheeses involved in this piece of pizza heaven, but there’s something sweet, something salty, and something creamy. 

Pro-tip: The toasted cheese is the bomb-diggity. Also, the couple who owns Misty Lodge, Kuya Awing and Ms. Sigrid, are the definition of Sagada hospitality.

Misty Lodge & Cafe is located along Staunton Road (on the way to the town), Sagada, Mountain Province | Contact Number: +63 926 1235186 | Facebook 

5. Creamy Alfredo


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Before famous French chef Chef Aklay retired, he shared his recipes with his staff. Today, Log Cabin Restaurant and Bar is operated by Chef Franz. We weren’t able to try everything on their menu but we highly recommend the creamy alfredo pasta. Get it with “Menu 1” which comes with pieces of breaded pork and Log Cabin’s house salad made of fresh Sagada produce. 

Pro-tip: Reservations are highly encouraged because they do not accept walk-in guests. Be sure to make a reservation before 3pm of the day you intend to dine. Log Cabin is located at Poblacion, Ato, Sagada, Mountain Province | Contact Number: +639156717949 | Facebook  


6. Homemade yoghurt


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Sagada’s staples such as yoghurt from the Yoghurt House (and lemon pie from Sagada Lemon Pie House) are always recommended for a very good reason. So make sure to check them out when you’re there.

After a huge meal, it’s great to share a bowl of home-made yoghurt to make sure your have good soldiers inside your tummy. This one’s banana-granola yoghurt with strawberry preserves from the Yoghurt House. It tastes as great as I first had it seven years ago.

So, got any new foodie finds in Sagada? Let us know!


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