Young woman fangirling over handsome polo-playing Prince Mateen shamed on social media

Prince Mateen/Instagram
Prince Mateen/Instagram

Last week’s hot hot hot polo match between Malaysia and Brunei at the 2017 SEA Games saw pulses race, and let’s just say it wasn’t regarding the final score. Who won, again?

The star of the match was undoubtedly Brunei’s Prince Abdul Mateen, currently sixth in line to the throne, and the 10th child of Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei. Oh, he of impeccable hairline, and most importantly, great eyebrows. He’s the babe on the right.

You may remember him from that swoon-worthy cover he had of GQ Thailand?

Or you may have caught this clip floating around Twitter from the match, which pretty much sums up how a lot of us ladies are feeling right now. BEATLEMANIA, but like, with polo.

Malaysian Digest today highlighted the social media drama that happened when one Twitter user, using the handle @elynadd, shared her feelings on the caliente man.

She dubbed Prince Mateen “sooo fine so charming so handsome his skin his eyes his eye brow [ed: preach!] his nose … my ovaries just exploded man.”

Girl, we get you. Have you ever seen a young Paul Newman? Or that historical genius whack-a-doodle Nikola Tesla?

Ovaries have been exploding since waaaay back.

However, social media users didn’t think so. One woman, Azmina Azmi, went as far as bringing @elynadd’s gender and religion into the mix, and reminding her that, as a fellow Malay woman, “we are known for our modesty.”

You know who’s known for giving unsolicited advice? Annoying people. Of all genders and all religions, the world over.

She added that she hopes that the negative social media attention will help her “grow, OK sis?”

Nothing like adding to the senseless negativity over a young girl’s tweet, by hoping that she gets something out of you sticking your nose into something that has nothing to do with you.

And then adding in “sis,” because you know, you totally mean well, yeah?

But hey, let’s hear some more unsolicited advice, shall we? Azmina?

“Be a woman with class.”

Funny, you know the people who always say that are the same ones who have no idea what the word means. Know what I mean, sis?

Until then, may all ovaries continue exploding for everyone everywhere who wants them too, because it’s a funny expression, and Prince Abdul Mateen is def reproductive dynamite.

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