You’ll have the highest chance of getting struck by lightning in this Malaysian town

If your dream is to get struck by lightning (we are not judging), there’s one town located in the Klang Valley you could go to.

The Meteorological Department told The Star Online that the dense township of Subang Jaya has one of the highest number of lightning incidences in the world.

Research by the Department revealed that Subang Jaya — which reportedly lies in the center of a lightning dense triangle in the Department’s map for lightning density — experiences at least 240 days of lightning in a year.

That translates to between 25 and 40 lightning ground flashes per square kilometer a year, making it one of the most lightning-prone towns in the world.

The Met Department told the news portal that the reason that the town, which has a population of around 949,000, is so prone to lightning was due to its location in the Klang Valley, as well as its dense concentration of concrete buildings and roads. 

“With such conditions, strong heating on the surface air tends to occur, which leads to convection activities in the atmosphere. As a result, convective or thunderstorm clouds will form followed by lightning,” the Department told The Star Online.

Well, Subang Jaya’s ‘achievement’ came as no surprise considering that Malaysia reportedly has the third highest lightning activity in the world, experiencing an average of 180 to 260 lightning days a year, just behind Indonesia (322) and Columbia (275 to 320).

Oh, in case you were wondering, the place where lightning occurs the most is the small vilage of Kifuka located in the mountains of Congo, where it receives a jaw-dropping 158 lightning strikes per one square kilometer a year. 

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