Xiaxue uploads her Rosmah Mansor Halloween makeup tutorial, receives approval from Rosmah’s son-in-law

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

After teasing fans about her upcoming Halloween look — and a genuinely terrifying one, too — local blogger Xiaxue yesterday released the full video that takes viewers on her journey to look like Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the maligned wife of former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak.

The tutorial is extensive, to say the least, involving major dollops of prosthetic special effects makeup and layers of latex. To make her face look lumpy ala Rosmah, she hand-molded scar wax and pasted the products on her cheeks, forehead, and chin. After slapping on foundation, a wig, a headscarf, and Rosmah’s vast collection of Hermes Birkin bags, the look was complete.

If you’re wondering why Xiaxue’s video ended with a karaoke montage, it’s because Rosmah is an avid karaoke singer. Tone-deafness be damned — the woman even released an album called Akulah Rosmah (I am Rosmah). According to her 2013 biography, the album wasn’t released to the public but was bought by government ministers who were fans of her singing talent.


Despite the deeply troubling nature of Rosmah’s alleged crimes of corruption and money laundering, some Malaysians were really triggered by the blogger’s parodic makeup tutorial. One even threatened to throw acid onto her face if she drops by Malaysia.

Instagram screengrab via AsiaOne
Instagram screengrab via AsiaOne

Xiaxue — real name Wendy Chng — expressed her confusion as well on an Instagram post.

“I am completely bamboozled by the fact that Najib/Rosmah actually still has supporters. How is it possible?! I thought everyone hated them?! Do people not watch the news? Of billions embezzled? Of 72 suitcases of cash, branded watches and Birkins etc seized from properties linked to them? Of Altantuyaa?! I’m just… speechless… truly. You want me to show respect to Rosmah? Why?! Why on earth would I respect crooked politicians?! I’d sooner respect a used condom than Rosmah?”

She also assured that she wasn’t making any statement against Malaysia and Malaysians, telling her haters not to turn it into a political issue.

“Don’t try to make this an SG vs Malaysia thing. After 1MDB Singaporeans were all rooting for our Malaysian friends during the elections and we cheered together with them when the results came out. Their high spirits of hope and renewed faith was infectious and Singapore felt it too. Disliking the Razaks isn’t equal to disliking Malaysia at all.”

But one of the best outcomes from posting her video? Getting a thumbs up by Malaysian celebrity chef Datuk Fazley Yaakob, aka the estranged son-in-law of Rosmah herself. Earlier this year, both Fazley and his wife Datin Azrene Soraya Abdal Aziz (Rosmah’s daughter) disclosed how they faced years of abuse and harassment by the former prime minister’s wife.

Insta Story screengrab
Insta Story screengrab

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