When ‘cendol’ becomes ‘sendol’: LA food content creator tries Malaysian food and rates it 9/10

In a gastronomic adventure that can only be described as “lost in translation,” popular TikTok user and food content creator, @misslegarda, embarked on a culinary journey to sample Malaysian cuisine, leaving viewers in stitches and Malaysians both cringing and chuckling at her delightful mispronunciations. 

Despite her linguistic faux pas, the online community couldn’t help but appreciate her infectious enthusiasm for the exotic flavors.

One of @misslegarda’s faithful followers suggested she explore the world of Malaysian food, sending her on a quest to find authentic dishes in the heart of Los Angeles. 

@misslegarda Replying to @juliekemp Trying Malaysian 🇲🇾 Food 😅 Restaurant: Simpang Asia #mukbang #honestreview #restaurantreview #malaysianfood ♬ original sound – Misslegarda

In her video, she tried a variety of local food including char kuey teow, mee goreng, and nasi kandar. 

While viewers loved her admiration for the food, they also chuckled at her inability to pronounce the names of the dishes correctly. Like char kuey teow became ‘char kuey tow’. 

But fear not, her linguistic mishaps didn’t stop there. @misslegarda triumphantly held up a bowl of cendol, a popular Malaysian dessert, exclaiming, “And here we have… sendol!” Malaysians everywhere felt their jaws drop as they silently screamed at their screens.

Btw It’s pronounced chen-dol, my dear.

As if these linguistic acrobatics weren’t enough, @misslegarda further tested the limits of her Malaysian culinary vocabulary by presenting a plate of beef rendang. 

With an air of confidence, she boldly introduced our famous rendang as “coconut beef steak”. At that point, it became clear that even Google Translate would be shedding a tear.

Nonetheless, despite the cringe-worthy mispronunciations and the occasional confusion over the names of dishes, @misslegarda’s viewers couldn’t help but appreciate her genuine love and adoration for Malaysian cuisine. 

It was as if her missteps only added a sprinkle of spice to her video, leaving her followers craving more of her unintentional comedic charm.

However, what truly won the hearts of her audience was her genuine surprise when she compared the flavors of Malaysian food to Spanish cuisine. 

One could almost hear the collective gasp from food enthusiasts as she passionately exclaimed how the taste profiles of these two diverse cuisines stood shoulder to shoulder.

In the end, @misslegarda’s adventure through the world of Malaysian food may have left Malaysians cringing at her linguistic mishaps, but it also showcased the power of food to transcend language barriers and bring joy to viewers worldwide. 

In fact, she was so impressed by the food, she said that she hoped any Malaysians in Los Angeles watching the video would invite her to dinner some day. 

Perhaps next time her dinner host would be a helpful local or a trustworthy pronunciation guide to avoid another linguistic catastrophe. Until then, let’s raise a glass of “char kue tow” to her unintentional hilarity and continued culinary explorations!

Disclaimer: No authentic Malaysian dishes were harmed in the making of this article, though their names might have been a bit traumatized.


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