Viral video captures mall ceiling collapse amid heavy rain in Malaysia

Photo: Facebook/Pulau Tikus Market Cafe
Photo: Facebook/Pulau Tikus Market Cafe

A terrifying incident unfolded at Petaling Jaya’s Megah Rise Mall on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 28, as a section of the ceiling collapsed, leaving three individuals injured. The mishap occurred during a period of strong winds and heavy rainfall, which battered the area with adverse weather conditions.

A 37-second video clip, which quickly went viral on various social media platforms, documented the dramatic moment when the ceiling came crashing down. In the video, several quick-thinking security guards were seen in action, frantically guiding patrons to safety. Meanwhile, the panicked cries of some visitors echoed through the mall as they fled from the collapsing debris.

In the aftermath of the incident, the mall’s management took to Facebook to express their “deepest regret” regarding the unfortunate incident.

The official statement from the management detailed the timeline of events: “At approximately 3pm, during a period of strong winds and heavy rainfall, the ceiling of the car porch near the main entrance collapsed, resulting in minor injuries to three individuals.” It was also noted that all three victims received immediate medical attention to address their injuries.

To ensure public safety, the affected areas, which include the main entrance, the adjacent pet-friendly lifts, and a food court, have been temporarily closed “until further notice.”

However, the remainder of the mall will continue its normal operation. In a proactive response, Mr. Low Eng Hooi, CEO of PPB Properties, the owner of Megah Rise Mall, stated, “A team of consultants has been engaged to conduct a comprehensive structural assessment and implement necessary repairs and reinforcements. Public safety is our priority. We are committed to implementing rigorous safety measures to protect our community and prevent similar incidents in the future.”

The management reiterated its commitment to the well-being of customers, tenants, and staff, emphasizing that immediate measures were taken to ensure the safety of all present during the incident. The affected area was promptly evacuated, and debris was swiftly cleared to prevent any further danger to mall-goers.

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