Old and dangerous: two senior citizens beat up supermarket employee over Ramadan bazaar parking spot [VIDEO]

The elderly man in white gets a few good punches in, while the other employee watched
The elderly man in white gets a few good punches in, while the other employee watched

It’s been some crazy days and nights at Malaysia’s Ramadan bazaars. If it’s you’re not losing your shoes over a parking space, then you may be a senior citizen beating up a young supermarket employee because he asked you to stop blocking traffic.

The latest viral parking rage incident happened in the usually chill, leafy, beachy Sabah. See it and believe it. CCTV captured two aged gentlemen storming into a Penampang supermarket, and one of them unleashes fisticuffs on a shocked employee. The uncle even got a few punches in before the victim realizes what’s actually happened, and retaliates.

The fight was only stopped when the public, and a police officer, pulled them apart.

The Star reports that the incident occurred when the store employee asked the man to move his car, as it was blocking traffic at a Ramadan bazaar. Fair enough.

The senior citizen complied, and moved his car. However, he was not done, and later came back with a friend to invariably teach the victim a lesson on why old uncles should still be feared, even though moments earlier, they may have forgotten where they left their car keys.

Police are still searching for the two suspects.


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