[VIDEO] Doctor attacked in clinic by man accusing him of committing adultery

Making the rounds on social media is a clip of a man identified as Aiman Ariff Ahmad Amirudin storming a medical clinic office in Bandar Baru Bangi, just outside of Kuala Lumpur, and then attacking the doctor in his office.

The motive? Well, it’s a tale as old as time, with Aiman accusing the doctor of having inappropriate relations with his wife while he was working abroad.

Local Malay-language daily mStar details that the man’s wife is a nurse.

Having returned home from working abroad in Dubai, Aiman is said to have become suspicious of his wife’s comings and goings, and decided that his next most logical step would be to spy on her, tracking her movements.

According to the report, he accessed different CCTV recordings that showed his wife going out with the doctor. He also claims that he had evidence of damning access card entries and exits, and a hotel receipt.

It seems that that was all of the evidence that Aiman needed, and he decided to take matters into his own hands, attacking the doctor while he was at work. In the violent clip, he can be seen kicking and stomping on the doctor, who fell to the ground. Eventually, a woman comes between the doctor and attacker.

Inilah Gambar nurse yg curang pada suami kerja Oversea…Kedapatan Doktor masuk rumah semasa Suami bekerja luar…

Wan Azri 发布于 2019年10月5日周六

The entire incident was recorded on camera by another individual who is unknown. Confused, the doctor told them that the issue between Aiman, his wife and himself had already been discussed and resolved.

According to an interview after the clip went viral, Aiman acknowledged that it was wrong to attack the doctor, as he was very angry at the time. He alleges that the affair had been going on over the last eight months, and that his wife had previously asked him for a divorce. At the time, he says he was unaware that the doctor was in the picture.

However, family members of Aiman’s wife allege that he was a jealous husband, and had been accusing his wife of sundry indiscretions over the last two years. Her family spoke to the doctor, and advised him to stop being friends with the Aiman’s wife, to avoid further disagreements prior to the attack.

The doctor has since lodged a police report, and the case is now being investigated.

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