Video clip of poodle being forced to walk on hind legs at H&M goes viral

Video of a poodle being forced to walk on its hind legs at a local mall has gone viral over social media. A man wearing a cap, presumed to be the dog’s owner, can be seen kicking the dog, as it walks towards an H&M outlet at Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya.

The video’s uploader, Deepan Kumar wrote quite concisely that he while had thought that he’d seen a wide range in the worst of humanity, he then witnessed this (warning – it’s pretty disturbing, though not graphic per se):

The incident is said to have occurred on Saturday evening.

The painful two-minute clip of the poodle shows it in costume, and being kicked as it walks along a promenade towards the shop. A woman is also seen accompanying the pup.

Once inside the store, the dog, whose hair has also been dyed red, walks between sale racks, “entertaining” customers who appear to amused by the site. The man follows in later, although he does not approach the dog when inside.

Alright people, let’s just go ahead and state the obvious: This is animal cruelty. Dogs are not meant to walk on their hind legs. Putting them in such unnatural positions damages their posture, and will lead to a series of knock-on effects including joint and ligament inflammation, paralysis in legs, loss of muscle coordination, and joint disease.

Netiznes were in agreement, urging Deepan to lodge a police report, and wondering why no one said anything to the owners. Others wondered just wondered what was on our collective mind: Who was this a**hole?

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