UMNO’s resident foodie MP tweets his latest culinary monstrosity: Strawberry fried rice

Ahmad Maslan, UMNO Pontian MP, and the guy you formerly knew as the exuberant “chef” behind GST-free fried rice, with suspiciously plated cucumber garnish on a theoretically hot wok, is back in the kitchen.

My what beautiful cucumbers you have, sir via Twitter
My what beautiful cucumbers you have, sir via Twitter

And no, not with another fried rice recipe.

Suggesting that politics and food are as well-matched as cheese and chalk, Ahmad has whipped up a new creation in celebration of an upcoming Cameron Highlands by-election scheduled for Saturday, January 26th.

The high-altitude Cameron Highlands, three hours outside of Kuala Lumpur, are somewhat of a bread basked for Malaysia, producing fruits and vegetables unable to grow in some of the country’s lower-lying areas, such as tomatoes, tea, and … strawberries.

Perhaps inspired by the area’s famous produce, Ahmad decide to combine it with his beloved nasi goreng, and social media still hasn’t quite recovered, if user comments are anything to go by.

For the record, Ahmad has stated that his concoctions was “delicious.”

We hope that he sticks to some of his more conventional takes on recipes, like this inoffensive mee.

A Cameron Highlands by-election was called late last year after Election Commission officials concluded that Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), (part of the Barisan Nasional coalition) candidate Sivarraajh Chandran’s victory as the area’s parliamentary seat null and void. Investigators found that corrupt practices were committed in the 14th general election, and were unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sivarraajh had not bought votes from the local community.

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