Terrifying jewelry heist in mall captured on CCTV and shopper’s camera

A goldsmith in Taman Bangi Avenue’s CS Supermarket was the scene of a dramatic stick-up last Friday, with two videos of the incident being leaked online. The time stamp in the second clip indicates the robbery occurred at 1:45pm, on Friday, October 12.

From one point of view, a mall shopper captures the action as two suspects, wearing helmets, smash the glass counters of the goldsmith, and scramble to take what is inside. Shocked voices of passers-by can be heard, while security blows a whistle to no avail.

From inside, we see the action head-on: Two suspects, one brandishing a gun, approach the counter, with a customer quickly fleeing the scene. Both then take mallets and begin smashing the reinforced glass counters, eventually causing them to give way. Scooping out whatever they can, it appears that they demand more, and the shop workers handover more of the shop’s wares. One of the man leaves for a moment, and then returns while they take the last of the gold.

Netizens commenting on the video are shocked that an attack in broad daylight could have occurred, and some have even suggested that the hit could be an inside job.

Earlier this year, the same location was attacked by a group of four men in a spate of jewelry store robberies that hit the Klang Valley.


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