Syed Saddiq wants you to know he got into Oxford (again). And rejected it (again)

Once bitten, twice shy for Britain’s Oxford University: Twenty-five-year-old MP Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman, rejected yet another offer by the prestigious school to further his studies there.

Writing on his official Facebook page, he explained that while he was torn between pursuing his Master’s in in Public Policy, and to his responsibility to the constituents of Muar, who elected him to serve in Parliament. Ultimately, he chose to stay in Malaysia.

The youth chief wrote: “For the second time, I’m forced to reject the offer because I have been given the trust and responsibility by Muar voters to bring their voices to Parliament.

“In fact, I believe my job is far bigger than that — to reform and serve the people of Malaysia. I want to ensure the youths will always have a strong voice in Parliament.”

As per his post, he was offered a conditional Chevening scholarship, having previously turned down another scholarship at the same university in October of last year. At the time, he casually let it slip that the offer that was worth RM400,000 (US$100,000).

Referring to Malaysia’s shock election victory and the nation’s potential as inspiring, he said that working with his fellow citizens of all races and religions towards a better future was reason enough to stay.

Syed has a law degree from the International Islamic University Malaysia. He has added that the likelihood of Oxford offering him a placement in the future after two rejections is slim, something which this editor will attest to: Rejection at Oxbridge isn’t taken lightly. A hard No to their offer once resulted in a personal phone call asking for explicit details as to why they were turned down. Just not that into you, sorry.



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