So, what did Malaysians Googled the most in 2016? We have the answer!

2016 is coming to a close, and we are pretty sure you’re thinking: ‘Hmm, what did Malaysians search for the most on the Internet this year?’.

Thankfully, to satisfy your curiosity, Google Malaysia has recently released its ‘Year In Malaysia Search’ list.

The annual ‘Year In Malaysia Search’ list published by the search engine giant takes a look back at some of the year’s major events and trends based on what Malaysians searched for most often. 

And some of this year’s trends are pretty, umm, eye-opening.

For starters, the most searched for term among Malaysians this year was Euro 2016, an international men’s football championship which took place in June.

Augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go took second place and BR1M 2016, the annual financial aid programme, took the third spot. 

While the Rio Olympics was one of the most searched for terms this year (ranked sixth in the list), the list proved that Malaysians love their K-dramas and local TV series as ‘Suri Hati Pilot’, ‘Train to Busan’, ‘MAMA 2016’, ‘7 Hari Mencintaiku’ and ‘Descendents of the Sun’ rounded off the top ten.


However, the biggest surprise came from the ‘Trending People of 2016’ list. 

The past year, the person that Malaysians had the most interest in was – drumrolls, please! – US President-elect and wall builder Donald Trump!

Local actress Atikah Suhaime came in second (she made headlines earlier this year due to an alleged nude photo leak) and ‘Descendents of the Sun’ heartthrob, Song Joong-ki, came in third place.

‘Suicide Squad’ hottie Margot Robbie, Chinese badminton superstar Lin Dan and US Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton also made the ‘Trending People’ list this year.

Here are the full lists of popular searches and top keywords that Malaysians Googled the most this year:

Top Trending Searches

  1. Euro 2016
  2. Pokemon Go
  3. BR1M
  4. SAPS Ibu Bapa
  5. Olympic Games Rio 2016
  6. Suri Hati Mr Pilot
  7. Train to Busan
  8. MAMA 2016
  9. 7 Hari Mencintaiku
  10. Descendents of the Sun

Trending People of 2016

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Atikah Suhaime
  3. Song Joong-ki
  4. Aiman Tino
  5. Margot Robbie
  6. Syatilla Melvin
  7. Nadia Nordin
  8. Zakir Naik
  9. Lin Dan
  10. Hillary Clinton

Trending News Topics

  1. US Elections
  2. Olympic Games Rio 2016
  3. Rayani Air
  4. Brexit
  5. Bajet 2017
  6. Zika
  7. Gerhana matahari
  8. Note 7
  9. Bauksit
  10. Difteria

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