Religious singer, anti-vaxxer, flat-earther, and now gravity denier, receives death threats

Suhaimi Saad via YouTube
Suhaimi Saad via YouTube

Suhaimi Saad – religious singer, ardent anti-vaxxer (hey, his kids aren’t sick, so that must mean vaccines are a sham, right?!), steadfast flat Earth believer, and lover of incessant social media posting has a new feather to add to his uninformed hat: gravity denier.

However, his controversial take on how gravity is only relevant if the world is round, and is in conflict with his 2D Earth beliefs, and therefore might not exist, drew widespread online criticism that culminated in a death threat.

Writing as user Hakimi Mohamad, he told the nasyid (Islamic music) singer that he had had enough:

“You keep making netizens angry. Just wait and I’ll come to Kelantan myself.”


“If you don’t repent, I’ll chop your head off while you’re still alive. I’ll even broadcast it live.”

Well, that escalated quickly.

Despite giving the user a three-hour window to remove the post, or face police action, Suhaimi has since filed a police report on the matter, sharing a copy on social media.

Of course he did.

While Hakimi’s methods of reason may have been extreme, violent, and illegal, netizens couldn’t help but echo his sentiments, pointing out that the singer seemed to spend an awful lot of time on social media.

One user couldn’t help but wonder if Suhaimi had a job, considering he seemed to spend 24 hours posting nonsense to Facebook:

Another tried to explain some of gravity’s finer points to Suhaimi, namely – how it’s possible that birds can fly, but we can’t (something he struggled with):

Others pointed out that while he may not have liked going to school, he certainly seemed to like going to police stations to waste time on the public dime.

Also, just:

Suhaimi helped reignite last week’s most useless debate on the shape of the Earth, after he openly challenged Malaysian astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha declaring that our planet was flat.

Culminating in a national newspaper actually taking the time to ask the public what shape they thought the world was, we all lost a few brain cells in the fruitless exercise asking for an opinion on what’s already been established as fact. IT. IS. A. SPHERE. Please, can we stop now?

However, never one to shy away from the added media attention on his Facebook page, Suhaimi also wants you to know he has a few things for sale – laksa and soaps, gravity not included.





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