[UPDATE] Ratatouille in TTDI: Woman posts video of well-fed rats at food stall

[UPDATE:] The latest news from the viral clip of a rat dining on some very enticing noodles is that it was not in Malaysia at all, but a clip that some internet sources are claiming took place actually in China.

Three days ago this very same clip appeared on LiveLeak here.

We’ve reached out for comment to the Facebook user who initially labeled the clip as being from a local mamak in the TTDI area of Kuala Lumpur, even going as far as naming and shaming a spot, and have yet to hear back.

Restoran Mosin issued a statement an hour ago saying that the clip was not taken from their premises, and also included a video of their impeccably clean kitchen:

There you have it folks, those TTDI mice aren’t eating nearly as well as we thought.


We hate to be the barons of bad news and broken hygiene laws, but here we are again. If we’re not alerting you about some pot-hole, al fresco kitchen sinks, then we’re here to tell you about some rodents chowing down.

Today, Facebook user Hanisya Abdul Hamid, posted a disconcerting video showing an unfazed rat nibbling on a noodle at her local mamak (outdoor food stall eating, for lack of better explanation) in the upscale TTDI neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur.

Behold, as our rat king leader unashamedly munches, awaiting for his fellow dining companions. Oh, look here they are:

Hanisya identified the offending restaurant as being Restoran Mosin, on Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad; however, there has been no confirmation. If this is the case … you might be safer going somewhere else for your mee goreng.

[UPDATE]: We now know this information to be FALSE, but have no idea why a poor, innocent restaurant would be named and shamed for a crime they didn’t commit.

On that note, have a great weekend, happy eating and ITADAKIMASU.

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