Prestigious Kuala Lumpur international school at the center of bullying investigation and inaction allegations

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Last week, a concerned mother took to social media, and posted a photo of her seriously injured son, along with an email from his prestigious international school referring to a “distressing” day for students, claiming that he had “a fall” while he was at school and it was very bad.

She detailed that International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) told her that he was at the nearby Gleneagles Hospital in Ampang, and a school nurse confirmed to the doctor on duty that her son had fallen, and later had a seizure. Perhaps incredulous to the school’s version of events, she writes that her husband then went to the school to “ascertain what actually transpired,” while the school’s Assistant Principal Jeffrey Harwood confirmed that a fall had indeed taken place.

She hashtagged her post with several trending phrases, including one: #BullingInSchool.

The original post provided scant details on the April 9 incident; however, today KL police are confirming that they have taken official statements from four individuals connected to ISKL who are believed to be related to an alleged bullying incident.

Following her post, the mother filed a police report, alleging that her fourteen-year-old son was in fact beaten up by a fellow pupil. According to reports, among those questioned by police was a witness to the incident.

Initial claims alleging a “fall,” have since been modified, with school officials telling police that they are conducting their own internal investigations, and that a 14-year-old suspect has since been suspended.

Police are now saying that they will be transparent in their investigation, and have asked for anyone with any information on the situation to please go to their local station to give a statement.

Leading up to today’s police statement, many parents on the Facebook group’s messaging bored were alleging that little action was being taken, and then the separate versions of events were not matching up.

ISKL has yet to release a statement to the public regarding the incident.

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