Paws and Romance: Cat steals the show as ring bearer at Malaysian wedding

Photos: Fedtri Yahya
Photos: Fedtri Yahya

At a Malaysian wedding recently, all eyes turned to an unexpected star – Lily the cat, who elegantly chauffeured a pair of wedding rings to the delighted bride and groom on a remote-controlled car.

The viral TikTok moment was shared by the emcee of the ceremony, Fedtri Yahya. At the time of writing, the video has gained more than 2.6 million views. 

@fedtriyahya Sesuatu yang unik di resepsi perkahwinan Dr Ayuni & Dr Rahul… Kucing kesayangan mencuri tumpuan 😀 #lily #cat #ringbearer ♬ original sound – Ahmad Fedtri Yahya

Lily, a white long-haired feline with heterochromia, embarked on a unique journey at the wedding in Selangor. Instead of a traditional ring bearer, Lily rode a remote control (RC) car adorned with a baby pink ribbon and harness.

This charming twist was made possible by Dr. Ayuni, an orthopedic surgeon, and Lily’s owner, who wished to make her beloved pet an integral part of the wedding.

As Lily sat on the silver RC convertible car, adorned like a character from Disney’s The Aristocats, she curiously observed her surroundings. The rings were securely placed on the car’s hood, and it appeared that Lily’s harness was cleverly tied to the steering wheel to ensure she didn’t wander off.

Slowly, the RC car made its way down the white carpet, and delighted guests applauded the adorable spectacle. The car came to a stop near the stage where the bride and groom sat, and an usher stepped in to retrieve the rings.

Fedtri, amazed by this novel experience, even shared a snippet of his script on social media, expressing his astonishment at this delightful addition to the wedding.

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