Panty-monium: KL shoppers lose their minds over a Victoria’s Secret deal

Malaysian shoppers lost their minds over the weekend when a local Victoria’s Secret outlet offered a special discount on their Fresh Escape Mist Collection, retailing at RM29 (US$7.50) instead of the usual RM79 (US$20).

Shoppers can be seen packing into the store as though the ghost of Michael Jackson was looking for panties himself. Worried workers, unsure that they could cope the chaos that followed the sale, were forced to close their doors in an attempt to stem the flood of shoppers.

Many social media commentators did not take kindly to the scene, saying that those who were present acted in an uncivilized and pushy manner, while other did not understand the tunnel vision some shoppers get over a perceived deal.

Seriously, look at how genuinely concerned this poor employee is. We’ve seen less concern at kitchen fires:

One Facebook user even commented that it would have been much more becoming if shoppers were to be rushing in droves to attend a sermon or religious talk (Mom, is that you?).

The clip has been viewed nearly one million times, while we just need to ask – wait, is this the Nu Sentral shop branch?

Also, unsolicited Coconuts KL review: All VS scents smell like a Tinder date – start hopeful and fresh, end disappointed, fleeting and leaving you with a rash.


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