Man spends RM1,300 playing vending machine game at KLIA2 only to win hairdryer

A Kajang man has taken to Facebook to tell his tale of ephemeral luck, and bottoming out to particularly enticing Bee Bae mystery prize vending machine at KLIA2 to the tune of RM1,300 (US$333).

Hoping to win a fancy gadget, the most prized spoils of the day ended up being two lunch boxes and a hairdryer.

Mitchell Law, a graphic designer with questionable judgement and impulsive behavior, initially spent money on 40 mystery boxes. However, he found that most contained only small trinkets, with the hairdryer being his big catch.

Firmly believing that the ong was in his corner, and he was but a box away from greater things, he decided to hedge his bets on a subsequent 90 other boxes.

The choice present of that lot turned out to be two lunch boxes. Other than that most of the “treats” turned out to be playing cards, brick toys, phone right, and selfie sticks that he then shared with his friends.

Saying that he was neither angry nor mad, he claimed the experience “fun,” and that his luck wasn’t bad, but “funny.”

Well, Mitchell. We’re happy that you see the funny side of things. Coconuts KL also finds the absurd totally hilarious. However, we kinda stop LOLing when we’re down RM1,300 with only a hairdryer and some laser pointers to show for it.

Mitchell, who is based in Cambodia, said he would do it again, only this time he would post the experience of Facebook live, so we could all delight in what it looks like to get socks for Christmas 130 times.

The post has been shared 12,000 times.

Bee Bae machines can be found around the Klang Valley and in Penang, and supposedly carry prizes like a PlayStation 4 in their 150 “mystery boxes.”

We’re willing to wager RM1,300 that these boxes contain mostly off-brand USB charging cables.

The company has since said that the machines are for entertainment purposes, and are in no way shape or form gambling.

No. Of course not.

Gambling is totally different. It’s wagering an amount of cash or item of value, with hopes that the outcome of an event will result in winning more money or a material good of greater value.

Totally not like Mitchell wagering there’s a PS4 in one of those boxes.

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