Man loses RM425,000 in foreign currency exchange robbery set-up

Tough weekend for one Kuala Lumpur-area man, after the incredibly good exchange rate of US dollars to Ringgit he thought he was getting from a woman turned out to be a ruse to lure him into a set-up.

Having over US$100,000 (RM400,000) in cash to change, the unidentified woman offered the man an incredible rate of RM6 to every US dollar.

To put it into perspective of just how favorable these terms were, today’s exchange rate places the dollar at RM4.20.

Having met up with the woman on Saturday, she then asked the man to follow her into her car, and to go to her office in order to finalize the deal between the two.

While they were driving, the woman suddenly stopped her car in the Taman Ampang Jaya neighborhood of the city, where three foreign men appeared from another vehicle, and took the victim’s bag, containing the money. The trio then attacked the man, in broad daylight, before the victim managed to escape.

Police were called at approximately 3pm, and they found the abandoned car that was used to transport the victim. A search of the plates revealed that the first car’s plates were a duplicate of another vehicle, while the second car’s plates were fake.

The three male suspects, described as being of African descent, along with the unknown woman, made off with a total of US$101,500 in cash and important documents belonging to the victim. Officers say that their investigations are on-going.

Kids, when you’re offered an exchange rate that’s 30% higher than the current trading number, you’re in grave danger of what we around the office call the “too good to be true zone,” and you should probably reconsider your life choices. Other things in the TGTBTZ include brand-new “Chanel” bags under four-figures, perfumes without boxes, and guys on Tinder claiming to be 5’10,” but who also ask you if height is a deal-breaker.





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