Man breaks leg after getting slipper stuck in escalator, Fire Department called in to extricate him

Readers, we’re back and ready to tell you about another nightmare come to life, this time in the form of an escalator you ride every day suddenly deciding to eat your shoes.

On Sunday afternoon a Kuala Lumpur-area man was riding an escalator at a shopping mall along Jalan Tuanka Abdul Rahman. The 49-year-old’s slipper was said to have gotten stuck towards the top of the moving stairs, which gripped the plastic so tightly that the man could not remove the shoe, nor his foot, resulting in him apparently being partially dragged into the workings of the escalator, breaking his leg, according to Malaysian daily The Star.

Unable to free himself, and in what we imagine was some serious pain, the Fire Department was called to the scene at 10am. It took first responders nearly an hour to free the man from the clutches of the mechanical steps.

Tread carefully, readers: Escalators are the most frequently used more of transportation in the world (at least, according to the US Department of Labor and Industries), but they’re not without accidents.

Luckily, there are some actual tips out there to keep you safe.

1. Step on and off with care, and take extra care if you wear bifocals.

2. Always stand facing forward.

3. Never bring strollers, walkers, or carts of any type on an escalator.

4. Pay close attention and attend to small children.

5. Hold onto the handrails and avoid the sides under the rail.

6. Move quickly away from exit areas.


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