Malaysian IT worker wins Ninja Challenge League Finals 2018 in Australia


Mohd Redha Rozlan, a former Fear Factor Malaysia champion, has just taken the top gong at the Ninja Challenge League Finals (NCL) 2018 in Australia, beating 95 other participants to the podium.

Usually referred to by his nickname, Mat Redho, he completed the final obstacle challenge in 5:13 seconds, beating his closes rival by a clear 10 seconds.

Peep the gauntlet below, and see if you can spot his biggest supporters, his wife and two kids, cheering along from the side-lines:

An IT expert by day, Mat Redho’s hopes were marginally dashed after placing eighth in the first half of the competition. However, he came back stronger than ever for the last part, and was the only contestant to finish every single obstacle in the final stage of the competition, winning the “Last Man Standing” award.

Mat Redho told Harian Metro: “I feel great, and thanks to this interesting challenge, I’d definitely come back next year.” Mat Redho sponsored his trip, along with his family, out of his own pocket.

NCL is an open competition consisting of a three-stage gauntlet with varying levels of difficulty. Each stage must be completed in order for the contestant to qualify for the final round.

Life after Fear Factor: Not just that guy in the office who sat in a box with 1,000 roaches for television, and lived to tell the tale — actual champ making our country proud.


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