Malaysian woman successfully fries egg using only sun’s fiery powers

In the scorching town of Beaufort, Sabah, where the heat could melt your ice cream before you even take a lick, an adventurous woman named Fatasha Nadia decided to take the “frying an egg on the sidewalk” joke to the next level. 

Armed with nothing but a trusty wok, a fresh egg, and the sizzling power of the blazing sun, she embarked on a culinary experiment like no other.

According to her hilarious Facebook post, the mercury soared to a blistering 36 degrees Celsius on that fateful day. 

At the stroke of 1 pm, Fatasha strategically placed her wok under the merciless sun, patiently waiting for the cooking oil to reach the perfect temperature, courtesy of nature’s very own stove.

With a mischievous grin, she cracked open an unsuspecting egg at 1:10pm, and the heat-filled spectacle began. 

Like a culinary scientist, Fatasha diligently monitored the wok and its eggy contents, making sure progress was not overdone or undercooked.

As the clock ticked away, the curious onlookers couldn’t help but marvel at the impending culinary magic. And lo and behold, by the time the clock struck 3.30 pm, the egg had miraculously transformed into a perfectly cooked delight, ready to be savored.

One cunning netizen, intrigued by Fatasha’s sunny success, proposed a twist for the next experiment. 

Instead of using the shiny, reflective wok, why not opt for a black one? Fatasha, ever the fearless explorer of culinary possibilities, promised to embark on a second experiment to satisfy the inquisitive minds.

While most netizens revelled in the egg-citing outcome, a few skeptics couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow or two. 

To this, the witty netizens retorted, “Hey, you doubters! Why not try the egg-splosive experiment yourself and see the yolks on your faces?”

Whether the feat was a sizzling reality or a sun-drenched illusion, one thing was certain: Fatasha’s ingenious cooking method managed to save on gas bills. 

Though it may have taken a whopping two hours to achieve egg-cellence, one cheeky netizen proposed an even more efficient approach for future sunlit culinary endeavors—the sizzling tar road, where you can fry your eggs while they “sunny-side up” in a whole new way.



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