Malaysian teacher admits he placed Primary 1 student in an ‘iron cage’ for punishment

The issue of disciplining students in schools requires careful consideration, with a delicate balance between maintaining order and ensuring the well-being of students.

However, a primary school in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, has recently come under the spotlight due to disturbing allegations surrounding the confinement of a primary one student within an
“iron cage”. 

The cage in question also includes a safety hazard – the actual purpose of the cage is to house an electric box within its space. 

The issue came to light when a netizen named Azuan took to Twitter to share screenshots of a conversation which occurred within a WhatsApp group between a father and a school teacher.

The screenshots depict the father inquiring if his child was being confined in a cage, to which the teacher admitted, prompting the father to express his intention to visit the school. 

To bring more awareness to the situation, the father subsequently shared three photos illustrating a small corner surrounded by an iron fence. 

Other parents also questioned why the child was being subjected to such treatment.

The father also expressed that these actions had severely diminished his child’s enthusiasm for attending school.

There have been claims stating that the original intention behind the “iron cage” was to serve as a barrier preventing students from reaching an electrical box, presumably for their safety.

Nevertheless, it seems that the enclosure has now been “reused” in a way that could potentially cause harm and is hardly a place to put a child in.

When approached by FMT for a comment on the incident, Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek stated that she would launch an investigation into the matter. “I will verify this first,” she briefly commented to the news outlet.

In his tweet, Aziz also questioned the rationale behind confining a first-grade child within an iron cage that contained an electrical box. 

“Even if the first-grade child is misbehaving, teachers should never overstep their boundaries,” he added, expressing his concerns regarding the incident. 

The father has taken the initiative to report the incident to the state education department, in hopes that the cage will be removed and only the electrical box will remain enclosed. 

“Such incidents should never occur to minors, particularly to my seven-year-old child,” he expressed passionately.

At the time of writing, the tweet has garnered significant attention, accumulating over 6,500 likes and 7,500 retweets. 

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