Malaysian man behaving like thug physically assaults woman driver for overtaking his lane on highway

In a shocking display of road rage, tensions boiled over yesterday as a heated altercation erupted on the Tapah-Cameron Highlands highway. 

The incident unfolded when a man, seething with anger, allegedly stopped his vehicle to physically assault a fellow driver, citing her alleged incompetence behind the wheel as the catalyst for his outburst.

In a viral video that was believed to be posted by the victim’s brother, a stout man wearing a red shirt can be seen exiting his car and immediately banging on the driver’s window of the woman’s vehicle with an aggressive expression.

The victim, who goes by Aizacd Zack on Facebook, has since removed the video which she posted on the platform but it can still be seen on some news outlets, with the assaulter’s face blurred. 

As soon as the car window was lowered, the man began hurling vulgar words with a demeanor reminiscent of a street thug.

“Drive more carefully… you’re playing with people’s lives, you b**ch. I’ll hit you and the person next to you,” he said fiercely.

Despite the woman driver’s attempts to explain calmly that she was not at fault for cutting across the broken white lines, the man remained adamant and blamed her. 

“Don’t you dare argue with me. You’re playing with people’s lives. Do you want to know who I am? And don’t raise your voice. Broken white lines your father. Didn’t you see the corner in front? I’ll break your face” he uttered.

Not only did he vent his anger by using offensive language, but the man was also seen forcefully pushing the driver’s head twice before leaving.

The authorities successfully located the man after the victim made a police report. 

According to the Perak police chief, Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri, the perpetrator, aged 29 is a factory supervisor in Serdang. He will be transported to the Tapah police headquarters to provide assistance in the ongoing investigation. 

The case falls under the purview of Section 323/506/501 of the Penal Code.

“Preliminary investigations found that the assault happened at 5:33pm on Monday when the complainant was on her way down from Cameron Highlands to Tapah with her 17-year-old brother. 

“In the incident, the complainant wanted to overtake a Proton Persona car but was unable to do so,” he said in a statement yesterday. 

The victim also posted an update on Facebook, stating that the perpetrator has been arrested and remanded.

However, she also asked for the photo of the police report to stop being shared as it contains the personal details of her younger brother. 



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