Malaysian condom maker, largest manufacturer in the world, says that nasi lemak flavor coming up soon

That’s one spicy sambal, amirite?!
That’s one spicy sambal, amirite?!

Malaysian condom-maker Karex, the world’s largest manufacturer says that next on his list is nasi lemak flavored condoms. Nasi lemak is one of Malaysia’s most popular foods, a blend of coconut milk-flavored rice, with spicy sambal and garnishes that include fried anchovies, a boiled egg and peanuts.

Goh Miah Kiat, the company’s CEO, knows no-chill after the success of durian-flavored latex goods, and sees the national breakfast food as a natural progression.

He told Channel NewsAsia  that: “In Malaysia, the first thing we wake up in the morning, we talk about our nasi lemak.” Embarrassing, but widely accurate. “So, I suppose it is something that will unite us all.”

Nothing like uniting our palates, before you unite our privates, Karex.

The company is no stranger to producing some of the world’s more novelty-themed condoms: glow-in-the-dark, tattoo-inspired (ah, the heady Ed Hardy-days of 2006), and studded, Karex makes them all.

The company initially started as a simple rubber-processing factory that was forced to diversify after the global commodities crash of the 80s. After an initial struggle, it grew to being the largest manufacturer in the world, including a contract with Durex, one of the biggest brands in rubbers. Last year, the company produced over 5 billion condoms.

Great story. Local success, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and also doing your part to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Even getting creative with your flavors! A bit of king D(urian) for the D(*ck). Cute.

Just remember, for the sake of sensitive privates and membranes everywhere, make sure you go easy on the sambal for that nasi lemak flavor, k?

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