Malaysian chiropractor goes global with unorthodox hammer method. Spoiler alert: It is terrifying

Not actually what your spinal cord looks like, in case you were wondering.
Not actually what your spinal cord looks like, in case you were wondering.

The internet is a great place to air our country’s more colorful laundry. Whether it’s a Member of Parliament telling the world that we can solve social ills by having rapists marry their victims, a billion dollars going missing, or a shaman and his coconuts trying to find a missing plane, we here in Malaysia take the opportunity to seize the global digital stage with a level of shamelessness akin to Kris Jenner trying to sell you slimming tea. That is to say, we have no shame at all, ever.

It comes then as no surprise that a Malaysian chiropractor has horrified the international medical community, netizens, and anyone left that has any sense, by posting videos of his treatment for slipped discs. Are you ready for the cure? Great, here it goes:

All you need is a marker, a block and a hammer.

Watch and behold, as he draws on his patients’ backs with anatomically inaccurate bones reminiscent of the children’s game Operation and then hammers away at their backs.

Firstly, no. And secondly, NO. And finally, NO NO NO. Addendum: We don’t know if this technique can actually paralyze you — as multiple commenters suggested below the video — but we do know you might want to consult an actual osteopath before taking the leap.

Other than that, happy cracking!


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