“Jilboobs” are a thing, and Indonesian Islamic scholars have declared it haram

Just next door in Indonesia, a peculiar cultural phenomenon has sprouted among that country’s Muslims that have gotten Indonesian Islamic scholars hopping mad: “jilboobs” has entered the popular vocabulary, and it’s pretty much what you think it is.

A portmanteau of “jilbab”, the traditional loose-fitting garment worn by Arab and Muslim women the world over, and, well, “boobs”, the fashion concept of “jilboobs” focuses on Muslim women who don the headscarves required of them by their religion – but still manage to somehow show off their curves. 

There is, of course, several Facebook pages dedicated to the new trend. This one, which ha been up since January this year, has the most Likes, with almost 30,000 at the time of writing.  

Tupai.com.my‘s Safina Othman reports that the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) has vehemently condemned the trend and has issued a fatwa declaring “jilboobs” haram, or expressly forbidden for Muslims.

MUI deputy chief Ma’aruf Amin told The Globe Journal that the fatwa was issued as the manner of dress that is part and parcel of “jilboobs” does not correspond to Islamic principles of preserving one’s modesty, even if the women in question are covering their heads. 

“There have already been MUI fatwas issued against pornography, which include prohibitions against displaying the shape of the body, and wearing tight-fitting clothes even while wearing the headscarf. MUI strongly forbids (this fashion trend).

“If one part of the body is  adequately covered, but others are displayed immodestly, it is still forbidden,” he said. 

There’s no telling if “jilboobs” will make its way to Malaysian shores, to complement the already-established Muslim women’s fashion trend of being a “hijabista”. If it does blow up here, we strongly doubt if “jilboobs” will get its own magazine, though. 

Photo: Tapau.com.my


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