Is this the inside of the ‘Equanimity’? Considering the dingy aboard says ‘Equanimity’ — yes, probably?

Video footage purporting to be of the super yacht Equanimity, currently docked in Port Klang, has been making the rounds on social media.

The 1:40-second clip, narrated by a man speaking with a northern Bahasa accent, show the yacht’s upper deck, and stern (back). Also visible in the clip is a smaller motorized dingy, emblazoned with the name Equanimity, adding evidence to support that the clip is in fact, genuine.

Valued at around RM1 billion, the super yacht arrived earlier this week from Bali, having been passed to Malaysian authorities by their Indonesian counterparts. The vessel has long been suspected to have been purchased using funds diverted from Malaysia’s most notorious sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB.

Linked to the fugitive financier Jho Low, who has denied in the past he was the ship’s owner, it had previously been spotted throughout Southeast Asian waters over the last few years with Mr Low on board.

Visible in the clip is theFederal Criminal Investigation Department chief, Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd, who was inspecting the luxury vessel. However, officials have yet to confirm the veracity of the clip.

Sundry reports have emerged over the levels of ostentatious decor of the 91.5-meter yacht’s interiors, which are purported to include gold leaf and marble trimmings, a spa, a sauna, a 20-meter swimming pool, a cinema, and helipad.

Gold leaf AND marble, eh? Good to know that the spirit of Gianni Versace, along with the panache of Silvio Berlusconi, and a dash of the rococo from our tacky, nouveau-riche neighbors growing up is alive, well and on board the Equanimity.

Jeremy Joseph, a lawyer representing the Malaysian government in their claim over the yacht, told reporters this week that the boat had wood and marble interiors. Authorities has assembled a group of sixteen individuals to inspect the vessel.

Great! Let us know when it’s open for viewing? Thanks.



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