‘I don’t need to repent’: Nur Sajat says from Australia

Nur Sajat on TikTok live. Photo: @NurSajat23/TikTok
Nur Sajat on TikTok live. Photo: @NurSajat23/TikTok

A well-known entrepreneur wanted in Malaysia on blasphemy charges revealed to her fans today that she is in Sydney, Australia. 

The 36-year-old transgender businesswoman, known for selling beauty products, went live on TikTok for the first time since running to Bangkok earlier this year after Malaysian Islamic authorities accused her of insulting Islam. In her livestream, Sajat told fans that she was in the Sydney suburb of Canterbury city, where she was looking forward to starting afresh, including continuing her business there. 

“I don’t need to repent because I did not do anything wrong,” she said to social conservatives telling her to change her ways during her live stream.

UPDATE: ‘I plan to create opportunities’: Nur Sajat invites young Malaysians to work for her in Australia

Sajat reportedly applied for refugee status with the United Nations and is seeking asylum in Australia after her passport was canceled amid attempts by Malaysian authorities to extradite her. Speaking from what looked like a hotel room, Sajat told her followers that she does not plan on returning to Malaysia for fear of being caught by the Selangor Islamic authorities, or JAIS, who deployed around 120 officers in February to find her after she failed to turn up in court. 

She had been due to appear at a hearing after a distressed Sajat secretly filmed herself handcuffed and in the custody of JAIS officers. 

Sajat was accused of wearing a pink dress and floral headscarf while doing charity work at a local religious school in 2018.

Her two children, known as Syaza and Syahmi, were in the care of her parents, she said today. She did not respond to questions asking to see her UNHCR card but showed viewers a brown envelope with an Australian Embassy logo on it, without revealing its contents. She also mentioned plans to open a store in the city to sell her girdles, among other things. 

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