‘Future richest man’ found in Indonesia, deported back to China and in jail: no refunds on that hair

Zhang’s supporter via Star online
Zhang’s supporter via Star online

Yesterday we reported to you that Malaysia’s favorite MLM-guru, the self-proclaimed “future richest man in the world,” Zhang Jian was back in action with a new investment coin Wu Xin Bi and a cult of followers dying their hair yellow, shaving their heads, and getting tattoos in honor of him. Today, he’s back in China, and in jail, again.

Zhang, whose real name is Song Miqiu, was hiding in Indonesia, and was tracked down as part of a joint venture between the Chinese and Indonesian authorities.

Oriental Daily reports that his trading website is now down, and the latest venture, Wu Xin Bi, managed to recruit the investment of 5,000 Malaysians with RM17.5 million, about US$4.1 million, invested. The recovery of these funds remains in limbo. Oh Malaysia, when will we ever learn?

Chinese authorities report that Zhang began his illegal activities after setting up a trading company Yun Shu Mao in November 2012 as a front for his pyramid schemes that managed to collect RM376.63 million, or roughly US$88 million, before being busted by Chinese authorities.

Zhang fled the country, and began boldly working in Southeast Asia, putting up posters across the region, and heavily in Malaysia, proclaiming himself to be the “future richest man in the world.”

What appeared to be a joke, was actually serious business. He amassed RM605 million before being arrested in Thailand in late 2014.

His return to the limelight meant that over the last two months, he and his cohorts had been mobilizing followers in Malaysia. Charity dinners in Sabah, Johor Baru, Kuala Lumpur, and the latest over the weekend, in Butterworth, were held. Cost of entry was RM200, but only those with the “right look” were allowed in. By “right,” Zhang meant yellow hair, no hair, or perhaps a tattoo homage to the man set to usurp Bill Gate’s throne. No word on what the food was like, but we’re certain it was as tasteful as the yellow hair of Zhang’s supporters.



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