From innocent to indecent: Malaysian mother discovers X-rated designs on kids’ pyjamas

Photos: Anis Syahirah Anis & Creative Commons Zero – CC0
Photos: Anis Syahirah Anis & Creative Commons Zero – CC0

Oh, the perils of shopping for children’s pyjamas! It’s a regular routine for parents to scour night markets and supermarkets in search of those adorable bedtime outfits adorned with cartoon characters or cute little objects. 

But one unsuspecting mother got the shock of her life when she discovered that the pyjamas she bought for her child were not exactly PG-rated. Nope, these pyjamas had a rather scandalous surprise in store.

Anis Syahirah Anis, a brave soul who shared her tale on Facebook, stumbled upon this fashion faux pas. 

On May 25, she posted a photo revealing her utter disbelief at what she had uncovered. In the picture, she showcased the pyjamas in question and poured her heart out about the shocking revelation. It turns out that the innocent-looking nightwear was, in fact, adorned with designs of naked women. Cue the gasps!

According to Anis, she had purchased the pyjamas from a wholesaler in KL without the slightest clue about their hidden agenda. 

It wasn’t until her son pointed out that “the pictures didn’t look quite right” while wearing them that she took a closer look. Lo and behold, instead of charming leaf patterns, she found herself face-to-face with several naked women striking suggestive poses. Talk about a rude awakening!

Understandably, Anis was left utterly flabbergasted. She expressed her shock and concern, stating that this risqué design had “corrupted” her child’s innocent mind. 

“Please don’t let this be a thing. Just imagine, these pyjamas sizes are for kids aged one to 12. What is their intention, to want to ruin the minds of young kids like this,” she said in her post. 

Thankfully, Anis mentioned that her son still had one more set of pyjamas to wear, which (fingers crossed) is of a less provocative design. But the damage had been done. Anis vowed to report the incident to the boss of the KL shop, ensuring that this nightwear nightmare doesn’t repeat itself for other unsuspecting parents.

Anis also defended herself, explaining that she failed to detect the scandalous design earlier because she had purchased over 30 items from the same shop, all with different patterns. 

Clearly, this wholesaler had a knack for surprises, albeit of the unwelcome variety.

With over 1,000 reactions and 700 comments, netizens didn’t hold back in expressing their outrage. 

They condemned the wholesaler for peddling such immoral designs on children’s clothing.

So, dear readers, let this be a cautionary tale. 

The next time you’re shopping for cute pyjamas, be sure to inspect them carefully. You never know what cheeky surprises might be lurking beneath those seemingly innocent-looking prints. 



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