Father-son duo arrested in connection with shooting of caged monkey who ‘wouldn’t talk’

Following a widely circulated video of a young man firing a shot at, and subsequently killing, a caged monkey for not repeating the catch-phrase “baby sayang,” investigators announced that two suspects were now in police detention.

Perak state police confirmed that a father and son were arrested at their home in the town of Sitiawan late last night, at approximately 9pm. A pistol believed to have been used in the horrifying incident was also seized by officers. A press conference is expected later today from police elaborating on the matter.

In what is probably the worst 20-seconds we’ve seen in a long time, a young man berates a caged monkey, demanding that he say “baby sayang,” a phrase made popular by local actress Mira Filzah. Showing a distressed animal who can almost sense his impending fate, the monkey looks frightened and also has NO F*CKING IDEA HOW TO SAY ANYTHING YOU DUMB F*CK WHO DID THIS [Editorial embellishment/rage on that last bit].

Counting to three, the male suspect fires a shot, killing the defenseless animal.

A clip still exists online HERE, and honestly – it’s really distressing, and not the kind of thing we would every watch if we didn’t have to write about it, so – proceed at your own risk.

Having been retweeted nearly 20,000 times, and garnering 1,400 comments of condemnation, animal rights groups caught wind of the incident, and immediately put forward an RM2,000 (US$500) reward for leads that would reveal who the suspects were.

Following the incident, the president of the Malaysia Animal Association stated:

“Whatever the excuse may be to justify the shooting of the animal, this is animal cruelty and heartless. Worse of all, how could the person even record the act on video for public consumption? This should not have happened.”

Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr. Xavier Jayakumar also called for an investigation via his Twitter account.

Central police headquarters, equally aghast, made public statements on the matter, saying that based on the footage, the suspect was liable to be charged with illegally discharging a fire arm (regardless of whether he had a license for it), as well as for killing the animal.

And of course, the court of public opinion basically sums up everything you’re feeling right now, that this person was trash, but also that this trash needs to be found.

Humans of the internet: At least this suspect will face justice.

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